19 Mei 2014

How to meet a dog for the first time

Im so interest to share my knowledge about a dog, based on my personal experience the most important thing we should know is HOW TO MEET A DOG FOR THE FIRST TIME, it sounds so simple but this is the basic thing you should know before your judge the dog is bad or good behavior.

In my experience as i had a cute little boy who can make peoples heart melting when they see him, mostly people will approach my dog first and say "hi" to him and try to communicate and having an eye contact to my dog, if you think that cool... um no guys!!! you are totally wrong, so heres some tips from the dog proffesional trainer i've read and learn about how to meet a dog for the first time :

1.  people see a cute dog and immediately go up to him and start petting him. This is not proper dog etiquette. Most dogs have developed defense mechanisms such as fear, shyness or aggression.  Never approach the dog first! You are establishing yourself as the pack leader and the leader never approaches the follower, the follower comes to the leader. Most people do not know this rule.  Allow the dog to approach you to establish trust and respect for you.

2. Most dogs will be curious about your scent. It is important to him that you let him get acquainted with your scent. Ignore the dog and allow him to investigate your scent on his own. This process can take anywhere from three seconds to one minute. Do not interrupt him while he is still sniffing you. He must be allowed to complete the process.

3. The three rules are: DO NOT TALK, DO NOT TOUCH, and NO EYE CONTACT while the dog is sniffing. The dog regards this ritual the same way we regard a handshake. It is merely a "how do you do" act for the dog. 

4. After the dog has become acquainted with your scent, he will give you a sign of where he wants to take this relationship. He will either want to run away from you, fight with you, or submit to you. If he decides he wants to submit, he will rub against you gently to invite you to touch him or give him a warm welcome.

5. If he decides that he does not want a relationship with you, he will turn his back to you, fix his attention on something else, or merely walk away. If this happens the best thing you can do is ignore him, too.

Do not ignore a dog that shows aggressive behavior. That is a sign of weakness to a dog. Signs of aggressiveness are a stare, a raised lip accompanied by a low growl or even physical contact such as bumping against you or walking across your feet. Do not make direct eye contact with the dog as he will see this as a challenge.

6. Dogs are very territorial by nature. Stand your ground and own your territory with the right body language and non-verbal authority. Most dogs will give you your space once you claim it.

7. If none of these things work and the dog is still showing aggressive behavior, calmly ask the owner to remove the dog because you aren't comfortable with the situation. Do this right away so that you don't start showing fear that could make the dog's aggression escalate. The owner should remove the dog in a calm but assertive manner.

Remember these seven steps to meeting a dog for the first time. You must think like the dog thinks in order to gain a dog's respect.

Catha Zieren


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