25 Oktober 2014

Holiday to Krabi - Thailand (Part 1)

This month, me and my hubby went short holiday to Krabi-Thailand, as we live in Bangkok-Thailand so its good opportunity to explore more about islands in Thailand.

not coppied
AoNang Beach

Actually we're not planning at all for this holiday, everything start when i'm accidentally open Air Asia web and yes they had promotion at that time, we just paid less than $150 for two persons and returns :) fantastic!!!!. In this first part, i will write a lil'bit about AoNang city.

Our room in the hotel
We went there for 6 nights, and again we also got nice price to stay in a 4 stars hotel called Vogue Resort and Spa, we choose to stay in Ao Nang area as many recommendation to staying there and yes trust me you will not regret it as this area is nice. For hotel we only spend $290 (6 nights), its more than enough as the resort we stayed is nice resort and far away from what we called "cheap". We can walk for i think 10 minutes to go to the AoNang beach from our hotel, so if you want something comfort, clean, nice, for staying in a hotel i can suggest you to go to this hotel.
This is view from our hotel

Main road of AoNang city
Ao Nang area is very popular with tourist, what i like its really easy to explore anything, the ambiance its nicer than in Kuta area Bali (except for the salesmen person who offering you to eat in their restaurant), from the Krabi airport it takes only 40 minutes to Ao Nang, and yes if you not asking your hotel to pick you, better go straight to taxi counter right in front of exit gate and they will charges you 600 baht ($18), F.Y.I they don't have public taxi, not like in Bangkok.

view from AoNang main road

The boulevard
I'm ready to go to the beach
I like Ao Nang because its very easy to go anywhere, most of the time we just walking on the street, they had many restaurant from the cheap one up to the expensive one... you have many options for that, we came in low season so many people said its nicer than peak season, in Ao Nang it self everything very lively for tourist, but its still very nice to walk around, not busy with cars, motor bikes or people drunks, i hardly seeing those things during my stayed in Ao Nang.

My fav restaurant
Stay in AoNang will not robe your pocket, you can find nice simple restaurant with delicious food and yes cheap!, Talking about restaurant i found nice thai family restaurant  which is become my favorite, i came back to eat there many times during our stay in AoNang, they had a good services, good foods and good price, its located right in front of the AoNang beach, on the right side, if you come there just look for the name "AoNang Cuisine" ;

My hubby in front of the restaurant :)
The only thing bothering us too much is the salesperson who standing in front of their restaurant and wanted to offering us to eat in their place, most of them are very nasty, they will stand in front of you while you want to walk, or suddenly they just touch your hand and ask you to visit their place. Be honest this is the only think made me sick staying there... they will talk very loud and a bit pushy, its kinda childish but i said to my hubby i don't want to eat in a place where they had this nasty sales person :D

Well, I will continue for the second part later, i will talk about the tourist tour in Krabi.. so stay tuned!, btw I welcome you to share my blog, but please do not make any copy paste content without my permission ;)

Catharina Zieren


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