2 November 2014

Holiday Krabi - Thailand (Part 2) -The tour-

Well, as I do promise I will continue my article about my holiday in Krabi :)

In this second part (click here  for part 1), I will tell about tourist tour which they had hundreds of options, before I'm going to Krabi I'm thinking to make online booking for our tours but then many people suggest me just buy on the spot because they had a lot of tour agents and I came in a low season so they also told me i have to bargain for the price.
Hong Island

For the tour it self they really had a lot of choices too, trust me you will be confused :) I only stayed for 6 night so we really had to manage our time, first day we just a bitt chill out on the beach (AoNang) its still very nice.

Relaxing at Aonang beach
on the back is Aonang beach

We book our tour via the tour agent close to our hotel, well for this one you can go to whatever tour agent but you will end up in the same company, so its not a big problem :) btw these are few popular tour in Krabi :
- Phi Phi Island tour
- 4 Island (Chicken island, pranang cave, poda island and tub island)
- Hong Island
- Andaman sea tour and the rest its like adventure, kayaking and of course elephant tracking.

Well, we choose our first tour start in Hong island, we paid about $28 per person but in the brochure they write $46 per person (so the rules is BARGAIN), this is full day tour with speed boat, that price including simple lunch (rice and chicken/fish in a box), snorkling stuff and pick up car which is a big bus. They also had long tail boat tour, which is slow but cheaper than the speed boat, it only cost you $18 per person, but for the long trip like Hong island I suggest you to go by speed boat. Hong island is one of the most popular area for visit, that's why I kinda very excited to do this tour until i knew we're gonna be pick up by old bus :D

shock by the bus
our pick up bus

I've been joining tour many times in my life, but this hong island tour its a bit different, they pick up us with very old bus and there will be somebody pick you up in the hotel and asking you to stand on the side street until the bus came. In the schedule we have to leave at 9.00am but the fact is 10.00am, the positif thing is only the speed boat which is they used good and well maintain boat :) My fav part is to enjoy the trip by speed boat, looking around you where they had hundreds of beautiful cliff standing proudly there and its just amazing.
one of them is our boat
not bad 500 horses power boat

on the boat
Pak bia beach from the distance
Stunning cliffs by the distance

Before we arrive in hong island, we had a chance to visit few beaches close to hong island, the first one is Pak bia beach, this beach is nice but unfortunatelly the tour operator only gave us time for 30 minutes staying there, so we only had a chance to make photos.

Pak bia beach

Me at Pak bia beach
Second place we visit is Lading island, here we stop about more than one hour because they gave us time to do snorkle, the tour it self will provide you a life vest and snorkling mask (not with the fin) so we are lucky to bring our own snorkle stuffs which is we had complite equipment and can avoid sea urchin they had there.

Lading island

After Lading then we go to Hong island, I was amaze when I saw this island for a first time... I mean its beautiful, really!!! oh yeah better you guys see from my photo upload :)

Its low season, can you imagine if its peak season?

And the last destination is Lagoon, its a bit dissapointed here as I thought we gonna stop a while and had some fun, pitty we just stayed in the boat because the boat it self can not stand there longer as the water in the lagoon very shallow and can effect the boat machine, so they just gave us time to take pictures from the boat.

The lagoon

We are back to ao nang a bit early than the schedule, should be 16.00pm but at 14.30 we are back already :( I don't know maybe the weather become a reason for us to leave early as when we leave the island is already dark and raining.

Overall I really enjoy our trip to Hong island, just the tips for you.... do not expect too much from the tour company, forget the sh*t and enjoy your trip. Hong island is the must visit place you have to add in your tour list.




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