17 Januari 2015

First post in 2015



It's been a long time I never updated my blog anymore, big apologize as I do Re-design of my blog to make it nicer and keep me motivate for writing. Hope you guys enjoy also my new blog design, I love this design as its very simple but still elegant and its just me :) I work together with a blog designer and really love her work.

During my "quite" period actually I also a bit busy with my study and of-course holiday things as my mother come to visit me here in Bangkok. I went to few nice place around Thailand and promise you I will write about it also, but before that I want to finish my blog about holiday in Krabi as I already long time pending to write about it. Personally I'm so glad I can pass year 2014 with bunch of happiness and blessing, and I still can not wait for many others lovely things will happen to me in 2015.

I used to like have lots of dream n resolution for welcoming the new year, but now I mostly thankful for my lovely family, I mean I'm so glad for many great things happen in a previous year, but the most important thing for me now that I'm still surrounded by my family, but those dreams and resolution are still deep down in my heart its just the priority a bit less e.g family is number one then my dreams are in no two.

There will be many big things in 2015 for me, but I can't tell you now until it happen :)  I rather to choose "action speak louder". Well, I hope all of you have a great year in 2015, becoming better and better in any things you will do on this year... and I wish also this world would be a better place, no violence anymore in any way.

PS: I hope you enjoy my new blog design guys...




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