19 April 2015

I Love to drink water, how about you?

Dear readers,

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I push my self lately to be active again in my blog, I would like to share also about things that maybe useful information, this time I wanna share about my new habit drinking water :D, well water is very common words that we will heard or saying or even read everyday, because its common so water has become part of our life as our body is composed of about 60% water.

Few years ago when I'm still working in a bank I hardly drink water, be honest i'm lazy to kick out my butt only to go to back side of my office and have a sip, and the result was I need to be send to the hospital because I got very pain in my lower back, I can't pee, I can't walk and even standing. I was thinking that something very seriously happen to me, but after the doctor check he just said "YOU'RE NOT DRINK ENOUGH WATER!!",  I just like "WHATTTTTTT???" its only because i'm not drink enough water?.

Learn from that I always trying to drink a lot of water, but its not goes well directly... need years until I can say "Sorry, I just want to drink water". Now i drink water every single time, even if I go to a nice fancy restaurant I prefer to order water (ofcourse with wine) than many other fancy drink. 
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I felt that it keep me fresh and stay in a right mind by drinking enough water everyday, I also read that water can help control calories, it helps energize muscle, keep your skin looking good and healthy (maybe this is the reason why many people i have a good soft healthy skin :D ), and also help your kidney.

Its just simple thing and easy that you can do everyday for your self, we also know that water with slice of lemon is good, but in my experience lemon is a bit pricy in Indonesia, I don't know if its in your country, but if you want something affordable and healthy drinking water its all your answer and worth every penny.




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