17 April 2015

My daily make-up routine

Dear readers,

This time I want to share about my daily make up routine, what kind of products and step by step... so enjoy! ^_^

1. I wash my face at least two times per day, I use liquid facial soap by Clinique. Why Clinique? in my personal opinion Clinique is one of the friendly product to use in our skin, I never get any allergic reaction which sometimes I got by using some more expensive brand.

I think they have 3 skin types formula, for dry skin, dry combination and combination oily to oily, and I use the oily formula. So far it works good on me, no acne, no allergic reaction, and it give me fresh feeling after I wash my face.

2.After I wash my face, I dry it with soft towel/face tissue then I put my moisturizer. For this one again I use dramatically different moisturizing gel by Clinique. Whatever words describe the condition of your skin more than the composition of a favourite handbag, then you might need to start moisturizing. Even if your skin type tends to be normal to oily, using a high-quality moisturizer on a regular basis can be the key to improving the way your skin looks and feels. No matter whether your skin type is dry, oily or sensitive, you shouldn't skip the moisturizing step in your skin care routine. Leaving it out might quickly cause redness or flaking, and in time it can allow wrinkles and other aging signs to show up on your skin earlier than they otherwise might. Also, if you have sensitive skin or a skin condition, moisturizing regularly might help ease some of the irritation.

3. I let the moisturizer absorb into my skin for at least 3-5minutes then I start with another step, I prefer to have healthy skin look than cakey dull skin, so usually I'm avoid using foundation for my daily routine, my next step is a BB cream (for you who wants to know more about what cream you need for your skin you can also read my another article click here), I've read so many review about this most famous cream and trust me DO NOT LOOK THE PRICE!. I decide to use dream fresh BB cream by Maybelline, its way cheaper than many other BB cream but I'm happy with it, it kept my skin flawless and natural.

And also I have another BB cream which I use if I wanna get "Make up" effect, its from The Body shop "all in one BB cream - colour adapting tinted cream", this one also good and it gives you glowing effect... that's why i like it a lot!.

4. So after I let my BB cream absorb, I'm gonna do my last step which is put on my favourite face powder, for this one I use Guerlain "Meteorites-Light revealing pearls of powder", I love this powder as this is very light powder so you can just use everyday and btw this is also one of the best powder, a bit expensive but it will last longer than many other compact and I really love it, so for you who like to look natural I think this powder is a good choice. 

Ok guys, that's all my step by step make up routine, very simple isn't it?... I have a few tips maybe can be useful also for you to not getting confused of what to use on your skin :

1. Do not look the price, even if you can buy the most expensive product but if its not good on your skin for me its not worthed.

2. Learn about your skin type, I read a lot of articles and also learn by my experienced for my skin, it will help you to know what is a right product for you.

3. Do not change the product too often, you know keep changing your skin product in a short period also not very recommended, why? because your skin need adopt to every new product you purchase, except if you get a serious allergic reactions.

4. Nothing instant!!!, whatever products you try will not change your face become like amal clooney, be your self, and buying smart, I'm happy with products give me a longer result but at least I know it safe than buying expensive product only to get instant result without we know whats is inside the products.



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