24 April 2015

The groceries

Well I have an extra ordinary pain on my neck today, I hardly use my brain to think as the pain is to overwhelm me. Its late at night already but I still can see my kids (two dogs) busy playing and try to chasing eachother, sometimes I got tired from them but love is all the answer to having them.

I would not talk about my dogs, at least not today but I will write about them one day, I made a cup of ginger tea before I try to open my laptop, having a warm bath and a cup of ginger tea is the best answer now... I feel better, and I also turn on my aromatic diffuser with lemon grass aromatic oil and it helps me a lot to relax.

Talking about groceries, well.... groceries is become part of my job now as a house wife, still remember first time hunny take me to supermarket, I'm still don't know what to buy, I think after 3 times went together then I decide to go my self, before I was so excited to do my groceries as I have a lot of lists and new things I want to know, but after years doing it that excitement slowly goes, not because I'm boring but because I know exactly what I want to buy, and its become a routine.

Sometimes I shop in a different place to get some more ideas, or sometimes I split my groceries, e.g for just ordinary stuffs I shop in Big C (its like giant/carefour in Indonesia) but for special things like good meat, fish and import products I shop in a bit high level supermarket because even its expensive but the products and the quality also good.

The things that I really don't like for doing groceries is waiting for the taxi, as you know... its so damn tiring looking for a taxi in the city called "bangkok", yes there are a lot of them... thousands or maybe millions, but they are so "big head", they will stop and asking you where to go but then they ignore you, and sometimes they need a "time" to think about it but then they will say "NO" after they make you wait!! or the worst thing is if they don't want to use meter. Actually I really had enough of that, and now I'm giving up.. giving up by expecting their kindness.

Back to my groceries, in Jakarta me and my mom used to do our groceries once a month, and its a bit freaking me out when I knew me and hunny doing it for once a week, but now I understand why... we can not get a vegies cart like we used to have in every corner of our house area in jakarta, and if there is any vegies cart we hardly get a good fresh food especially seafood, so yeah this once a week groceries for me is acceptable.

I don't know until when I will doing my groceries, I don't know how many hurtful things I got from the taxis's driver here in Bangkok by ignored me and my shopping cart, but yeah at least I'm doing it for make my small family happy with good food and good life.




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