21 April 2015

Visiting Hue-Vietnam

Dear readers,

This time I wanna share my experience visiting one of the nice small city in Asia called "Hue", its located in Vietnam and I was so lucky to have a chance visit this nice city.

Actually I visited Hue few years ago, maybe 2 years ago because of my lazy as* I never share it on my blog :D, I still remember few things but not about the price, I think everything is affordable there, its just small quite city and very nice just for relaxing walking around and visiting few famous temple.

I love the weather there, very clean and not so hectic, we stayed in one of the big hotel there and forgive me I forget the name *sssghhhhhh, we went to several places and also done our river tour by the boat (its a must!). We went to Tian Mu pagoda, The citadel, and few other temples.



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