26 Mei 2015

Review Rouge Lipstick "Diorific" by Dior

Dear Readers,

This time I would like to make another review for one of my favourite lipstick product, as you know that "rouge" lipstick color its become a trending now, lots of make up brand release their "rouge" series lipstick, like Chanel, Dior,  L'oreal, Sephora and many other brands. But now I will make review for Dior as its become my fav rouge lipstick color series.

So my Dior  lipstick have a special story, I got it for free (nice) from my ladies friends as my birthday gift (thx ladies) this month, and I really love it. As a rouge series you can not expect a soft flawless color... no way! you will get bold intense color on your lips, and this Dior was so perfect! I have "Diorific-014-Dolce vita" series, its ofcourse reddish...

You will surprise how this intense lipstick color will look very "friendly" on your lips, sometimes if I use my red lipstick color I feel like something very "heavy" on my lips, but not with this one, its very light I hardly felt it on my lips and its so comfortable. This lipstick series are not creamy, I can say its more matte color but still its stunning silky shine on your lips.

Talking about the look, this lipstick also have very gorgeous tube, having a barbell shapes... elegant and sophisticated, it can be fit in any purse and easy to find because the gold bright color tubes (sometimes I found a hard time to grab my lipstick from my purse).

Its classic, true reds and simply beautiful, for some red lipstick color we can not use in the mid day, but this rouge Dior series you can simply apply in any time, my skin tone are brown and this dolce vita just perfectly fit with my skin tone.

Overall I'm impress in all aspects of this lipstick series, tottaly comfortable and long lasting, this is now become my fav and I always take it on my make up purse. And last about the price, its not cheap but yes its Dior, you have to spend about $50 for each.




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