3 Juli 2015

Sun Flower field Thailand & Pasak jolasid dam Trip by Train (Saraburi province)

On last December 2014, I went to Saraburi province to visit sun flower field and a very big dam called Pasak Jolasid. Well, I heard this trip from one of my friend who already went to this place a year before... wait! a year before?, exactly... this special trip only exist on December every year, and only in the weekend.

So the story begin when you have to buy the train ticket in advance other wise you will missed out, this sun flower trip was very popular with thai tourist. You can buy the ticket in Hua Lampong station, just tell them you want to go to the sun flower trip. Every year on December there will be special tourism train for this trip, the ticket price is 280 baht/person return or you can call 1690 (they speak english). And quick tips, you can start buy the tickets around mid or end of november.

Why this trip only on December?, from what I heard its because the sun flower have their bloom session during this time, actually you can drive your car to go there, but its very far. The train will leave from Hua Lampong station around 6.00 am, and here's I include my photos during this trip.

*Inside the train :D

 *the view from the train
*get off at the sun flower trip

 *the crowd from a distance

The field that we can visit and look around its not so big, but yeah as you see on my photos we still can enjoy thousands of sun flowers, and promise you this trip even thought tiring but lots of fun!!!. After visiting the sun flower around 45 minutes, then the train will come back and bring us to big dam called pasak jolasid dam, and in pasak jolasid we can have a rest and enjoy local thai foods for about 2 hours before continuing back to Bangkok.

 We stop by in the middle of the dam about 15 minutes...

Tips for you who wants to go with this trip :

1. Do not expect its gonna be luxury train with AC, all train non AC. The train a bit slow but clean.
2. Prepare your self with your own foods or snacks, but if you wanna try thai local snacks there will be street seller come inside the train when the train stop in a few station.
3. Trust me the trip very tiring, because its very far.. what you can do is just enjoy it, and if you wish for more convenience just go with the car, but then you can not enjoy the nice view of Pasak Jolasid dam.
4. You will be in Bangkok again at 19.00pm, so its definitely 12 hours trip by train, get your vitamin before you leave.

Ok guys, thats all I can share with you, feel free to ask if you need more information about this trip... its fun trip! hope you can make it on december this year.



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  1. Wow ternyata Thailand punya tempat-tempat seindah itu juga, ya? Selama ini nggak pernah ada interest buat berkunjung ke Thailand karena pikirnya nggak bakal jauh-jauh beda ma Indonesia. Oh ya, sekarang Mbak Zieren tinggalnya di Jakarta pa Belanda? Atau nomadic di dua-duanya?

    1. Thailnd emang ga jauh beda sama indo sih sof, tapi mreka pny beberapa tempat yg special dan must visit, kalo mau beda km bisa ke krabi, jangan ke bangkok hehe aku sekarang lagi tinggal di bangkok, tiap 2 bulan ke jakarta dan ke belanda setahun sekali aja 😄