8 Oktober 2015

6 Places to visit with family for holiday in Bali (Part 1)

Hi guys,

A family holiday its just very important for us, especially if we already busy throughout the year... no matter what, even only going to simple place spend time with family its just a must. That's what I also did 2 months ago, after my wedding we decide to have our family holiday rather than honeymoon (we did it afterwards) as wee want to get close each other as a family, by the way we went to few tourist attractions that might be good for you too to visit while you enjoy your holiday in Bali with family. 

1. Tirta Gangga Water park :
Actually before visit this place we drive around Candi dasa area up to the hills called Manggis Village and Sibetan which famous with local fruit called "Salak"

 "Salak Bali" 

We are busy buy from local farm and its very cheap.

We also make a few stop to took a beautiful photos from the hills :

This is very quite area, hardly any people passing by so we can just stop and make photos on the street :D only few of local people maybe back from their land, so this area is still very beautiful and real Bali, not touristic...

Tirta Gangga water park is not so big as "Taman Ujung", but still beautiful and nice to visit, the entrance fee its about Rp. 20,000 (local & foreigner same price) , we hired also guide and we pay Rp. 50,000. The guide will tell you the history of this water park which belongs to east Bali kingdom.

 From the entrance door

Beautiful photo taken by my hunny

take a break while listen to the guide

2. Pura Besakih (Besakih Temple) :

Besakih Temple is one of the biggest temple in Bali and also the famous one, its located a bit far especially from Kuta area, but worth to visit... the entrance fee is around Rp. 15,000/person, be careful if you want to hired a guide, they didn't mention fixed price but they will tell you it will cost $30 well just pay maximum for $10 or even you can go without a guide. This temple its a bit walk up to the hills, so for older people they need rent motor bike men to take them to the temple it will cost you around $1 - $5. And last thing when you arrive in the main gate of the temple just ignore the flower lady, there are few of them and they will force to put a frangipani flower to your ear  but later they will ask money from you.

We rent a motor bike for my dad

View from the top of the temple

Inside the temple

Its really beautiful place, lucky us its not so busy as usual... but a lot of family ceremony there that time, so there are few places that we can't enter.

Well guys, that's all for the first part from my post this time... I'm gonna soon write another part, and if you have any question just feel free contact me, I still have 4 places recommendation for you to visit with family while in Bali.

~To be continued~


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