3 Februari 2016

A note to my self

"Hidup itu bagaikan air, mengalir tanpa kita bisa menghentikan nya... terkadang saya suka melawan arus kehidupan saya, tapi justru malah berakhir kekecewaan (walaupun tidak selalu). Tetapi dari kekecewaan itu saya sadar bahwa tugas saya "terkadang" hanyalah menikmati aliran air tersebut."
It's actually pretty hard for me from a working hard girl then become full time wife, nothing bad with that... I enjoy my role as a wife, I've been blessed with so many things, a lovely husband, two adorable dogs, mom and my dad who always there for me, I just can't ask for more!!!.

But sometimes I realized that something deep down inside my mind called "obsession" to pursue my "dreams", e.g. continue my bachelor (which this is what I'm doing now), having a master degree (I used to dream to be a professional in PR or communications field), working with a big company or when I was teenager I used to dream work for Ministry Foreign Affairs that is why my paper for PR Diploma its about Ministry Foreign Affairs.

Later on life goes on, I met new things... far from my dreams, working in a bank, in a restaurant and working hard in a beauty business for underpaid job. Now I start blogging, I'm interest about beauty and make up but then I just realized that I love to shop cloths, bag and shoes more than I love to shop make up, which means make up its not on my top of interest.

Since last month I'm dealing with the situation called "galau" hehehe, I miss to work in a company, I miss to pursue my "childhood" dreams, I want to continue my study for master instead of going to make up course. I don't know how it happen, it's just there... If I continue to a master degree at least I can work in a better place and also maybe having my "free" time to be a lecture as I saw also happen to my lectures, most of them are manager position somewhere but still they can enjoy teaching and having family.

Do you ever be in a situation that you know what you want but you just don't know how?!... 
I know what I have to do now is just first finish my bachelor, then I would love to continue my master degree, but how about if you have to leave your family behind??? not forever, just 1,5years... but how???.


3 komentar:

  1. Never stop dreaming or learning :)

    1. Yup! I do believe the power of dreams 😊


  2. Actually, it happens on me very often, to pursue what I'm dreaming of or to face the reality that walks in a very opposite direction.

    But after all I try to give my thought and decide what's the best thing that would make me happy. Most of them are about opportunity and chances to be better, since you can't turn back the time, and yes, we're aging. LOL!

    To leave your family for the sake of your professionalism and when everyone supports you, then give it a go.

    All the best, Cath!