5 Februari 2016

Review : The Face Shop Oil Control Water Cushion SPF 50 (English)

Hi lovely Ladies,

This time I want to make beauty review about the first Korea brand make up that I ever purchase :) be honest I'm not Korean lovers (movie, make up etc) I did not hate it but it's just not fit to my personality. But this time I do fall in love with one of their make up product, The FaceShop "Oil Control Water cushion", cushion products its just hits nowadays start from BB, CC, and even DD cream, maybe its more practical than the one in tube, if its finish you just need to buy the refill and put it on again in the packaging.

I have this product because I've been desperate looking for BB/CC cream product that fits on my face since my beloved Maybelline dream fresh BB cream its not on the market anymore, been trying many other BB/CC products and gosh its always come "white" on my face even if I already try the darker shade, I bought The FaceShop oil control water cushion at Terminal 21 Bangkok for 649 baht e.q Rp. 250,000 I heard this is cheaper than in Jakarta which will cost you Rp. 350,000 (cmiiw). 

Let's start the review :

The Look,
Well, I'm impressed by the look as you can see its feminine design and pretty cute, the size its good and it come comfy on my hand.

I love the packaging as its pretty easy to open and close, if you open for the first time you can see the sponge, and you have to open another level then you can see the cushion, as its cushion and water based so it would not break into pieces.

What I love, this is water based cushion.. some said its BB cream, but I prefer to call it foundation anyhow its just same so doesn't matter!, the ingredients its very light in your face, as it oxygen water so doesn't make your face look cakey and heavy but what I noticed is please just apply it slightly, do not press it to hard on your skin face to have it natural looking.

It's easy to use, just apply with the sponge slightly swap it on your face, for dry skin I suggest you to use moisturizer before apply this product, and for oily skin this product will fit for you as this is oil control. 

It felt so smooth and natural after I apply it, I choose V301 (light brown) as my shade and It looks good on me, unfortunately The FaceShop Oil Control Water cushion only have two shades V201 (brighter) and V301 light brown. Another good thing from this product is they have SPF 50+ to protect your face, so its really good for a hot weather... water based, long lasting and SPF 50+ ??? so what can we ask for more??!

Once again I really recommend you to only slightly apply it on your face, and ofcourse for someone like me (doesn't really like to apply powder everyday) this product can be an alternative. From 1 to 10, I give this product score of 8.

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  1. I hardly use powder anymore. I'm itching to try clinique compact powder.

    1. Hi mba Lily,

      Thank you for visit my blog... 😊

      Btw udah coba pake bedak transparantnya clinique? Aku juga sensitif banget sama bedak, tp pake yg transparant aman. Light banget di muka...

  2. Thanks for the review. So glad if you want to visit mine ;D

    1. Hi elis thx for visit my blog, if you don't mind we can follow each other... Aku sudah visit your blog too :)

  3. Hello, they actually have 4 shades, you mentioned the lightest and the darkest :)

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  5. di Indonesia saya cari shade v301 sudah kemana mana tapi enggak ketemu. Sista sendiri kira kira kalau mau beli dimana ya? terimakasih