6 September 2016

A little story from Budapest

Hello Peeps,

The beauty of Hungary Parliament Building

It's been too long I didn't update this page :) but pretty sure you will always get an update if you follow my Instagram acc as I more active now posting on my IG rather than blog.

And maybe some of you already know that I just back from my holiday to Europe, so this time I will share short story from one of my fav destination... yep it's Budapest the capital city of Hungary. Budapest are one of my childhood dreams, Its actually two city called Buda and Pest that connected by bridges including the famous Chain Bridge, but I didn't knew at all that it has nothing to do with BUDHA :D as I love Budha, so I was thinking this city is related to Budha :) lol *kids

I spent 6 nights there and it was wonderful, I stayed at Sofitel Budapest very close to the most famous Chain Bridge, I will not forget the first time I step in to Budapest, just one word can describe my feeling that time "Beautiful", I love the city very much, its beautiful, romantic and yep everything very relaxing there.

one of the bridge in Budapest "Victory Bridge"

To be honest I act like a little girl  where her dream come true, I enjoyed every single corner that I visited, and I couldn't believe  I was In Budapest :D even the weather that reach to 37 degrees couldn't stop my excitement to explore the city and for the result I get a darker skin :)

37 degrees and I still can smile :)

Most of the time I strolling around by walking, lucky that I can stay in a hotel that close to everything including the famous Catholic church St. Stephen Basilica.

In front of St. Stephen Basilica Church

I visited few of interesting places like Fishermen bastion, Citadel, Hungary National Gallery etc (will write in another post about those places). What I also love there knowing that most of the public place are welcome for pet, I even met some people who take their dog to HnM or lingerie shop :D

I love Budapest very much and would love to go back to that city :) and once again this little head reached her dream. A dream that she thought she couldn't make it... a dream that sounds sometimes too big for a little girl like me :D. Again I'm amaze how God of the Universe working in my life... I can't wait for another dream come true *finger cross 

Dream BIG and make it happen :)


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  1. i always wanted to visit budapest oh my.. really love this post because indeed dreams do comes true. you just made my morning. thank you cath :)

    Beauty Redemption

    1. Hi Vit,

      You are welcome, glad to hear that also :)

      Indeed, dreams do come true to those who believe :) although sometimes we have to touch the down side of this world, trust me all those phase will lead us to our biggest dream..